Written question to the European Commission on supporting the EU’s aluminium industry to get through the COVID-19 crisis

Aluminium is the most used non-ferrous metal by volume and the second most widely used metal after iron in the EU and globally. The value chain in the EU comprises more than 600 plants, accounting for 80 % of all smelting, semi-fabrication and recycling activities in the EU, and a million jobs, both directly and indirectly.

Today, the entire production chain in the EU (covering alumina, primary, semi-fabrication and recycling) is at risk. Aluminium is crucial for the EU if it is to achieve its decarbonisation objectives. The EU must now take action to protect EU resilience in the global value chains that are vital for the EU’s strategic autonomy and long-term green transition of our economy. Otherwise the entire production will come from and depend on China.

  1. Given the urgency of the situation, does the Commission intend to update its guidelines on border management and include aluminium products as essential?
  2. Will it launch as a priority alliances on raw materials and on low carbon industries in order to reflect the key role of aluminium in the EU’s domestic supply of strategic materials?
  3. Is it considering using the new EU industrial strategy to recognise the aluminium sector as a strategic supply and value chain for the EU?

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