Written question to the EC on supporting European primary care systems

All Member States are facing a new lockdown, with devastating effects on the economy and healthcare systems.

Healthcare systems in the EU have reached their limits, and many patients without COVID-19 are not able to obtain access to healthcare. Nonetheless, in this time primary care has become the most important part of the healthcare system. Furthermore, primary care is not a static concept, as it is especially subject to change. We should always take into account the dynamic context in each country, region, or municipality(1).

Robust primary healthcare is the foundation of a health system that is effective, efficient and responsive to patients’ needs. In many cases, primary care centres are under municipal or regional authorities, which do not usually have the administrative and financial capacity for this task.

In view of the above, will the Commission:

  1. Redirect or boost the funding of programmes to support a common regional primary care system involving different regions in order to meet the high demand for healthcare services?
  2. Collect data about the extra burden that healthcare systems and patients have had to absorb due to the COVID-19 pandemic, aiming to evaluate their capacity in the event of a future pandemic?

The question was co-signed by 29 MEPs. See the question here.