Written question to the EC on measures to support the poultry meat sector

The poultry sector is facing significant difficulties due to the pandemic. Due to the suspension of food production, the price of poultry meat in the EU has fallen by between 20% and 30%. Large quantities of poultry have been put in freezers, and slaughterhouses have significantly reduced their orders of poultry (a fall of between 10% and 30%).

The above situation has naturally affected farmers, who are starting to empty their poultry farms, which significantly reduces their income. The reduction in sales is creating huge liquidity problems, affecting the entire poultry meat production chain. As EU producers scale back their production, imports of poultry from third countries are continuing, putting additional pressure on the market.

In view of the above, will the Commission say:

  1. Why has the poultry meat sector not been included along with other meat sectors, such as beef, sheep and goat meat, in the package of measures announced on 22 April?
  2. Given that EU poultry meat producers are expected — under the current circumstances — to reduce their production, how does the Commission intend to adjust imports from third countries accordingly?

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