Written question to the EC on Industrial ecosystems and the maritime sector

The Commission’s proposal entitled ‘Europe’s moment: Repair and Prepare for the Next Generation’, published on 27 May 2020, puts forward the new notion of ‘industrial ecosystems’, with the aim of fostering European industrial and business leadership in a number of key strategic areas.

One of the 14 selected ecosystems is ‘Mobility, Transport and Automotive’. The EU’s maritime sector, which should be included in this ecosystem, is very diversified and stakeholders have competing interests.

  1. How will the Commission ensure that the specificities of both the maritime and maritime technology sectors are properly addressed in such a far-reaching ecosystem?
  2. What can the industry expect from the ‘Mobility, Transport and Automotive’ ecosystem and what concrete measures will be taken to support the maritime sector?
  3. Why has the Commission not considered creating an additional ecosystem covering the entire maritime sector and the blue economy?

Read the question here and the answer from Commissioner Breton here.