Written question to the EC on assistance for artists and cultural workers

The coronavirus pandemic and its containment measures have caused most artistic events planned for 2020, including plays, exhibitions, concerts, festivals and fairs, to be cancelled. Cinemas have been closed or restricted to a very limited number of filmgoers and the entertainment and music industry and multi-purpose cultural facilities have been forced to close down provisionally or permanently, leaving many of their artists and workers unemployed.

In view of this:

  1. Can the Commission say whether funding is available to assist artists and cultural workers during the pandemic?
  2. What European initiatives are being envisaged to support the creative, artist and cultural sector and related professions in these new circumstances?
  3. What view does it take of the launching of national programmes to support culture and art by facilitating such events using digital technology, providing funding for intellectual and artistic publications in digital form and subsidising the purchase of tickets for online performances or of books in hard copy or electronic format?

The question was co-signed by 11 Greek MEPs. Read the question here.