Trilogue on the EU Enforcement regulation: EU Trade just got stronger.

At the trilogue on the EU Enforcement regulation, the European Commission , the European Parliament and the EU Council agreed to strengthen our trade enforcement regulation.

This will allow the EU to take action to defend & protect our companies, workers & consumers whenever our partners do not play by the rules help, protecting our trade interests around the world.

Ensuring Europe’s strategic autonomy in an increasingly unstable world must be an absolute priority. The EU can no longer remain passive when others don’t play by the rules. We are, therefore, giving ourselves the concrete means to respond and to secure our status as the world’s leading trading power. The European Union is prepared to strike back”, declared Anna-Michelle Asimakopoulou MEP, the EPP Group’s negotiator of the so-called Trade Enforcement Regulation.

With the support of the EPP Group, the scope of the Regulation has also been extended to include services and EU-level intellectual property rights which will allow us to retaliate in those areas, for example by increasing tax on services providers, services or royalties […] It’s a pity that we couldn’t fully include intellectual property rights, but we will come back to that battle in one year’s time when the law is revised again”.

Check out the EPP press release here.