Transatlantic Friends of Israel Statement: “We affirm our unwawering and steadfast support to the State of Israel”

We are horrified by the brutal terror war Hamas has launched this morning against Israeli civilians. The Palestinian terrorists have fired 1,000s of rockets and infiltrated Israeli towns, where they reportedly killed and abducted Israeli civilians. We follow with great anguish news about 100s of Israeli casualties.

As members and supporters of the Transatlantic Friends of Israel (TFI), we affirm our unwavering and steadfast support for Israel in her hour of need. The Jewish state – our key democratic ally – has, like all sovereign states, not only the right but the duty under international law to defend its citizens against terror and rockets. We call on European leaders to stand with Israel and support without any reservations its right to self-defence.

As this unprecedented attack is still unfolding and Israel prepares for what could be a lengthy war, now as ever is the time for moral clarity. Europe must clearly condemn Hamas and Islamic Jihad – Iran-funded terrorist organizations dedicated to the destruction of Israel. Hamas and Islamic Jihad commit the double war crime of murdering Israeli civilians while using their own population as human shields. Particularly in this age of disinformation, misinformation, and propaganda, it is important for EU leaders to loudly proclaim this basic truth. 

Finally, this is also the time for EU leaders to rethink their Iran policy. Both Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad are funded and supported by Iran. From its support for Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, to its nuclear violations, spread of terror and war throughout the region and even here in Europe, Tehran is a major threat to international peace and security. We must find a proper answer to this challenge.

Statement co-signed by MEP Anna-Michelle Asimakopoulou, Vice-Chair of the Transatlantic Friends of Israel, on October 7, 2023

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