Question for written answer to the European Commission on the right of Albanian citizens to ownership and property

The Commission progress report on Albania’s accession to the European Union of 2.3.2020 provides that the Albanian authorities, taking into account the Venice Commission’s Opinion of 14.10.2019, are in the process of reviewing the Law on the ‘Finalisation of Transitional Ownership Processes.’ With the above review, the Commission expects the right of Albanian citizens – including members of the Greek ethnic minority – to ownership and property to be effectively protected and Albania to demonstrate that it complies with the EU’s principles and values.

According to the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ statement of 9.3.2020 on the adoption of a law by the Albanian Parliament on the above property issue, the Albanian authorities have only partially implemented the Venice Commission Opinion and chosen to provide a ‘solution’ without taking into account the core values ​​and fundamental rights of the EU.

Will the Commission say:

1. In view of the above actions by the Albanian authorities, should a decision be taken to draw up the negotiating framework and convene the first intergovernmental meeting opening accession negotiations with Albania?

2. Is the Albanian authorities’ above-mentioned legislative initiative compatible with the EU’s principles and fundamental rights?

See the text of the question here.

Answer given by Mr Várhelyi on behalf of the European Commission here