Letter to Trade Commissioner HOGAN: Urgent action to amend the EU Steel Safeguard

On 8.4.2020 Ms. Asimakopoulou co-signed a letter addressed to the Commissioner for Trade, Mr. Hogan, requesting the Tariff Rate Quotas volumes to be reconsidered in the current revision of EU Steel Safeguard, setting them below traditional levels of imports.

The current Tariff Rate Quotas in the Safeguard are obsolete, no longer reflecting the nowadays European market. Furthermore, considering the global character of this crisis, the risk of deflection of imports towards the EU market is higher than never before. Allowing imports in large volumes, while recovering from the current situation, could cause additional devastating damages to the steel industry, especially considering its fragile situation.

European steel companies need desperately an urgent action. A strong political awareness of the unprecedented crisis we are living it is strongly needed, Europe must act rapidly and beyond extreme technicality in order to defend our economy and our companies.

You can find copy of the letter to Commissioner Hogan herehttps://asimakopoulou.gr/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Letter-to-Commissioner-Hogan-on-EU-steel-safeguard-1.pdf