Letter to the High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell, on a ban of the “Grey Wolves”

letter addressed to High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell, calling for a ban at EU level of the “Grey Wolves”, an ultranationalist organisation, and co-signed by 33 Members of the European Parliament, including Chairs and Vice-Chairs of European Parliament’s Committees and Vice Presidents of the European Parliament and Political Groups.

Honourable High Representative/Vice-President,

Dear Mr. Borrell,

On the 4th of November 2020, the French government banned the “Grey Wolves”, an extreme ultranationalist organisation, involved in violent actions and inciting hate speech in France.

The Grey Wolves, formally known as the Idealist Hearths, are an ultranationalist organisation with a long history of violence and murders especially against minorities, such as Armenians, Greeks, Kurds, moderates and leftists in and outside Turkey. They are also active in EU, mainly in countries with large Turkish minorities imposing terror and fear against dissidents. Due to its actions, the Grey Wolves have been referred to by governments, scholars and journalists, as a terrorist organisation.

Taking into consideration the seriousness and emergency of the issue, we are calling for an immediate ban at EU level of the Grey Wolves (and its umbrella associations), as such organisations run counter and are detrimental to our EU values and principles.

Yours sincerely,”

Reply from the HR/VP Josep Borrell here.