Happy Greek Independence Day !

Dear Friends,

Today we celebrate the 200th anniversary of the beginning of the Greek Revolution on March 25, 1821. 
This day marks the greatest event of our modern history, when the Greek nation became a state, through the victorious struggle of the Greek patriots of 1821.
The Revolution of 1821 and Greek independence are important milestones in the history of our civilization. They are events of universal importance that demonstrate and highlight the fundamental values of freedom, democracy, unity and solidarity.
2021 also coincides with the 40-year anniversary of Greece’s membership in the European Union, which increased our national security and resilience. 

In 2021, our European family is in the midst of a new battle, this time against a deadly pandemic.

On the bicentennial anniversary of our national rebirth, we are reminded that, once again, with unity and solidarity, we will emerge victorious. 

Happy Greek Independence Day!

Message from the Delegation of Nea Demokratia in the European Parliament